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Your Pain Is Your Power To Prevail

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“I can choose to be paralyzed by the pain of my past or use my pain to propel me for a greater future.” by Dr. Regina Campbell

As long as we live we will experience various situations and circumstances that will cause us disappointment, pain and discouragement. Yet it’s not what happens to us that determines our ability to rebound from life’s difficult and painful matters. It’s our ability to view pain as an opportunity to propel into a greater future. Pain and hurt can be used as fuel to ignite our passion again so that we can refocus on our hopes and dreams. Yes there will be situations that will derail us and cause us to feel the pressure of the world but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live a victorious life. For example when we experience a loss of a love one their death can be so painful that you may wonder how to move forward. Maybe you experience a divorce and you think to yourself this is not what I had in mind yet you find yourself becoming a single parent or maybe you experienced the unexpected lost in employment and you walk away feeling a sense of hopelessness and despair wondering how you will make it. I personal have experienced losses that left me wondering what now, where do I go from here, how can I live beyond this point. Let me encourage you, yes you can live a fulfilled life full of joy and peace after a tumultuous situation.

First understand that where you are today is not where you’ll be forever and that the current moment of pain is a moment in time. Thus, the question becomes how do I move forward? First despite the pain you feel in your heart “keep moving forward” meaning don’t stop doing those things you love. If you love to workout, spend time with friends and family, enjoying a hobby continue to do those things. In addition, pick up a new hobby or even go back to school and learn something different to expand your horizon. I decided to pursue my doctoral degree after my divorce. Pursuing my doctoral degree was an opportunity to broaden my scope and stimulate my intellectually capacity. You may not pursue a degree maybe take a pottery or cooking class, something different. Second, volunteer at your local church, or within the local community. This provides you the opportunity to do something for others. This method allows you to feel such gratitude, appreciation and fulfillment as you have given your time and talent to helping others. Thirdly, do not buy into the guilt when you laugh and become happy again. The key to moving forward is finding your joy again, laughing at a good joke or simply watching a funny movie. Yes find your happy place and enjoy every moment of it! Fourth and final advice, trust God’s grace and strength to comfort you and get you through this period in your life. God is faithful to comfort you when you are facing turbulent times in your life. I encourage you to focus on God’s goodness in your life. Examine your life and count your many blessings. As you engage in this exercise you will note that God’s grace and favor has kept you in the past and it will carry you through these dark and difficult days and moments. These four steps will become a part of your healing process.

In closing do not allow your pain of disappointments, losses or discouragement to paralyze you but allow it to propel you to a brighter and greater future. Pain is a part of life yet it can become the university for life’s lessons. Learn that getting back up is the opportunity to rise out of the despair and hopelessness taken control of your destiny to experience joy, happiness and peace. Therefore I challenge you move ahead and let God restore, refuel and reignite you to live pass the pain.


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