A Healthy Life

by Dr. Regina Campbell

attitude of gratitude“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others.  Be a carrier.” Tom Stoppard

When all the stars align in life you will experience the height of your destiny and purpose. I believe to have healthy life three things must align; physical and mental health, the right people in your life and an attitude of gratitude. These are the keys to living a healthy life.

Physical and mental health is giving your body the much needed and deserved treatment. When you eat healthy meals full of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low in sodium you will be treating your body to what gives it true life. Then when you possess a mindset full of belief, courage, faith, hope and love you position yourself for good mental health. You can stimulate your mental health through reading and working mind puzzles. The key to overall good physical and mental health is what you eat. You become what you eat and eating more healthy foods than unhealthy food will position you to experience a healthy life.

The right persons in your life are vital to your overall wellbeing. You need to make sure you are connected with positive and energetic people. People of like vision and value will add to your life and become an asset. Relationships are to intertwine in which people leave the conversation filled and refresh. I believe people that are in your life have a purpose and it’s important to know a person’s purpose.

Finally possessing an attitude of gratitude is imperative to having a healthy life. Your approach to a situation or matter is important to how you handle the matter. If you approach a situation looking for the good and the positive aspect of the matter then you will like find the good. When you find the good be thankful as I have learned things may not be the way you wished them to be but they are not as bad as it could be. So learn to be thankful and appreciative. Being thankful is an opportunity to count your blessings.

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