A Healthy You Is A Total You

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”  Joyce Meyer

mind-body-spiritAre you truly at your optimal health? Do you truly treat your mind, body and spirit with respect and adoration? It is my hope and desire that you truly become healthy in totality and not just in one aspect of your life. A Total You is when you are living a balanced life from the perspective of mind, body and spirit. Many of people don’t understand that truly being healthy is not just physical but within all three aspects of life…mind, body and spirit. Having a healthy mind is what you think, how you think and the type of mindset you possess. A healthy mind is to view oneself with high self esteem and worth. You are secure in who you are and you are not intimated by others’ gifts or talents. You want to be the best you always striving to become better. It is to know that you possess gifts and talents and you hold yourself accountable to maximize your gift.

A healthy spirit is to have an intimate relationship with God the creator. You focus on making certain that your life aligns with the will of God. You spend time in quietness and devotion with God. You have come to a place of total commitment to the ways and things of God. You understand that you are not perfect but that your heart is filled with the joy of knowing God as your Lord and Savior. Being spiritually fit is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. Spiritually fit is to have the ways of God to be expressed in your life and in all of your dealings with others.

To be physically fit is not just losing weight, eating healthy, and working out. All these things are very imperative to becoming physically fit but you must also abstain from derogatory behavior. Behaviors that hinder you from truly being seen or viewed by others as a believer such as how and what you say, the attitude and mindset you possess. Do you use provocative language? Do you possess a pessimistic attitude? Are you a chronic complainer? For the most part are you simply an unhappy person?

I encourage you to examine the aspect of your life that you can Enhance. Maybe it’s your health and for someone else it may be your spiritual life. My desire for you is to truly live a wholesome balanced life in that you maximize your true potential in all three aspects mind, body and spirit. You owe it to yourself and your family. A Healthy You is A Total You.

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