All Carbohydrates Are Not Bad

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“The greatest wealth is Health.”  ~Unknown    

 For years, I didn’t know that there were different types of carbohydrates such as simple vs. complex. All I knew was that anything “white” such as bread, mashed potatoes and rice were not healthy. But what I’ve learned is that our bodies need carbohydrates to fuel the muscles. The question becomes what types of carbohydrates provide that best forms of nutrition. Simple carbohydrates are called simple sugars. Sugars are found in a variety of natural food sources including fruit, vegetables and milk, as they give food a sweet taste. Many processed foods have added sugars that are not as healthy. On the other hand complex carbohydrates are considered starches such as white bread, pastries and mashed potatoes. The recommended complex carbohydrates are whole grain foods which provide fiber. Whole grain foods are brown rice, oat meal and sweet potatoes. When you select your food choose colorful food which are simple carbohydrates fruits and vegetables, coupled with whole grains food makes a healthy meal. Finally try to eliminate or significantly decrease complex carbohydrates and processed foods from your meal plan. In closings, all carbohydrates are not bad it’s a matter of knowing which are best for you.

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