Are You In The Right Career?

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“When you discover your life’s purpose you will discover your career.” Dr. Regina Campbell

Career CornerDoes your job fuel you or feed you? If you are working on a job that fuels you then what makes up the fuel is that you love what you do and what you do is in line with your initiate abilities. You must choose a career that allows you to draw from the gifts and skills from within. Those gifts and abilities that you were born with can’t be eliminated it is what was divinely given to you. So you must closely examine the job you have now and determine if you are truly maximizing all of the gifts that lie within you. If not then you maybe on a job that is only feeding you meaning you are going to a job every day in exchange for financial compensation to pay the bills. In cases of this nature you look forward to Fridays and dread Monday mornings to start another week of a lackluster, unfulfilling, emotionally draining job that you immensely dislike.

To determine if you are in the right career path your gifts and talents should be utilized to its fullest. You should be in a position that allows you to grow and develop to the point that you become fully proficient in that career but allows you to continue to strive to the next level. Most important your career should be something that you love with passion and enthusiasm. Many college students make the mistake by selecting a major based upon income potential, although it’s not a bad thing to know the salary range. But if you are gifted to be an educator it’s not the number of dollars signs you can gain but the number of lives you can change by teaching them the importance of the English language. It’s all about impacting a child’s life.

Finally don’t be overly concerned with what someone else desires for you. It’s your decision and it should be based upon your abilities. If you find a career that aligns with your abilities then you will experience immense joy and satisfaction. On the contrary if you are in a career where you find it difficult to be successful and obtain success you should consider changing your career. Your career is not to be detrimental or distasteful but fulfilling and exciting. Most importantly “when you discover your life’s purpose you will discover your career.”

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