Career Advice

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career. “ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The best career advice I’ve received from a VP of Human Resources is as follows: Career Corner

Do a great job in your current position to move ahead you must ensure that you are doing a good job with your current job. Today many are focus on the next promotion or the next opportunity. However the focus should be on ensuring that you are truly doing an outstanding job in your current role/job.  The current job you have is the opportunity to learn as much as you can and master your craft. To master your craft is to become a subject matter expert and to earn a great deal of respect for your knowledge and competency as you do your job.

Be the person everyone wants to work with – being the person that others enjoy to work with is a compliment to you. What constitute being the person everyone wants to work with is your integrity, credibility and possessing great people skills. Your integrity speaks to your ethical practices in all of your dealings. Integrity is governed by your internal compass.  Credibility is an ability to keep your word. Keeping your word is important when it comes to being a person that your colleagues can count on to follow through. In addition, when you have strong interpersonal and people skills co-workers will find it a pleasure working with you. People today like to take on projects and assignments with those they like and respect. Strong interpersonal skills it’s finding common ground in working with others for a common good. This doesn’t mean you will become best friends with your co-workers but it’s an ability to adjust to others’ personality and learn the value of embracing others from diverse backgrounds and with diverse thinking patterns.

Get things done being the person that complete tasks and assignments is important. Are you the person that can be counted on? Are you the person that when given an assignment you not only complete the assignment but you do so in a timely manner? If you want to move up or into another department you must be the person with a reputation of completing assigned tasks. When you take on a project be sure to get the task completed and avoid being the person when you have to be informed that others are waiting on you thus avoid missing deadlines. When deadlines are missed then it usually impacts others. The question becomes can you be counted on or are do you consistently miss deadlines.


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