Catalyst Center for Executives

executive-leadership-trainingThe Catalyst Center for Executives (CCE) is a Leadership and Personal Development Program for Executive Leaders from various industries. The CCE provides executive coaching for leaders to effectively lead in the 21st century. Dr. Campbell provides tools and resources to assist leaders to navigate through the many challenges and changes that leaders face in their daily operations of directing their teams. Dr. Campbell provides hands on coaching, which will challenge and steer one towards achieving the utmost in leadership abilities. She specializes in the areas of change management, emotional intelligence, organizational culture, leadership development and strategic development.

Dr. Campbell has over 25 years of leadership experience. She once led “Leadership that Matters Consultant,” an organization that focuses on change management, organizational culture and leadership effectiveness. Her leadership skills and abilities have been demonstrated in her consultant work with various corporations and companies, some of which include Verizon, various hospitals systems in Texas, Citi Group and a plethora of non-profit organizations.

Dr. Campbell earned the designation of Certified Professional Coach from Fowler and Wainwright International Institute.

Dr. Campbell has provided executive coaching to leaders and managers from various industries such as Higher Education, Secondary Education, Government Managers, Private Sector Managers and Senior Pastors.

Executive Coaching

Dr. Campbell has presented papers in the areas of time management, organizational culture, change and time management, leadership development, conflict resolution and transformational leadership. She currently mentors several executive leaders and assists clients in recognizing, developing and trusting in their potential to achieve greatness.

“I reached out to Dr. Campbell for leadership coaching and support approximately 7 months ago because I was at a place in my career where I was no longer sure if I was an effective manager. I knew I had higher career aspirations but was not sure what I needed to do to self-develop to ensure I had the tools I needed to get to the next level in my career. Fortunately for me, Dr. Campbell was able and willing to help me every step of the way. She provided me with resources for guidance, and she challenged me every step of the way. As a result of her coaching and my determination, I was promoted to Director two months ago. Dr. Campbell has been a great mentor and teacher. She is a fantastic listener who does not find the answers for me but helps me to find solutions within myself to be able to solve the problems I encounter day to day. Because of her, I am more confident in my knowledge and abilities.    
Thanks so much, Dr. Campbell, for your support and guidance.”
— T. Fowler

Team Coaching

As a proven Coach, Consultant, Team Leader and Lecturer, Dr. Campbell is available for your staff or department leaders to help guide them to become more productive in your organization.

CCE – Personal Development

Career Development Coaching

If you need assistance in determining the “right” career path, Dr. Campbell’s sessions will assist you in discovering the career that fits your educational background, skills and abilities.

“I connected with Dr. Campbell over a year ago during a tumultuous time in my life. I was in the beginning stages of a divorce from a marriage that lasted all but six months. During this time I had lost sight of everything, and the small amount of hope that I had was eradicated. As I communicated with Dr. Campbell on a weekly basis, she enlightened me on how to gain control of the situation and showed me that I was not defeated. She also showed me how to “keep moving” when life throws you curveballs and gave me a sense of hope and several coping mechanisms to make it through each day. I received strategies on how to move forward with life and how to see the positive in my situation by simply changing my thinking. Since then, I have entered into a new career of choice, and am successful in several areas of my life. Dr. Campbell is an awesome mentor and coach. I am able to encounter any difficult situation with the strategies I learned from her. I am a better person because of her coaching.”
— S. Woods

Health & Wellness Coaching

The Health and Wellness sessions are designed to assist you with determining your ultimate health and wellness goals. These sessions will assist an individual on how to identify their challenges and how to overcome the challenges to develop a healthier change in their lifestyle.

Workshops Conducted and Papers Presented

  • Attended the Oxford Round Table “Women in Leadership” – Oxford, England
  • “The Life, Leadership & Legacy” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service – January, 2006
  • A Transformed Culture for Change” – DeVry University Dallas – September 2005
  • “The Re-inventing Process – The Value of Continuing Education” – Verizon Employee Resource Group – August 2005
  • “Effective Leadership Season of Change” – Texas Health Information Management Association
  • “Developing the Leader in You” – The Chosen Vessel – April 2005
  • “The Management Process” – South Carolina Council – PAW Leadership Conference
  • “Maximizing Your Potential” – Conquerors Assembly National Women’s Conference
  • “Effective Teaching for Today’s College Student”
  • “Effective Time Management in the Workplace”
  • “Mastering Your Craft in the Workplace”
  • Paper presented: “Inspirational Leadership” – International Leadership Conference – Regent University (paper was selected out of 43 for publication)
  • Paper presented: “Colleges –  Exploiting or Educating” the Student Athlete at Regent University
  • Dissertation Topic: “The Effects of Transformational Leadership, Trust and Tolerance of Ambiguity on Organizational Culture in Higher Education”
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