A Healthier You

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“The best investment you can ever make is in your own health” Live Better

There is a myth that being healthy means being a certain size, however health is about living up to your potential from the perspective of spirit, mind, and body. From the physical perspective, a healthier you should assess areas with your health that you desire to change or must change.

Here are key strategies for a healthier you:

  1. Choices – Make food choices that align with your goals and desires. Choices add up to a way of life and thus, make choices that will provide you with the results that will lead to a positive outcome for you! Your choices are not to be compared to others’ choices.
  2. Commitment – Make a commitment to yourself. You owe it to yourself and not to anyone else. Do not commit to a plan, but commit to yourself! When you commit to yourself, it is a commitment to care and love yourself in a greater way. Commitment entails you’re eating choices and keeping your body active.
  3. Consistency – To be consistent is to choose to stay committed even when you don’t see results as you desire. Being consistent is the greatest challenge you will face. It is easy to start but it’s difficult to maintain until it becomes a lifestyle. Maintain your consistence and you will manage your health effectively!
  4. Change Your Mindset – Whenever you change your mindset towards your health you can then change your health.
  5. Change Your how you Value your Health – Whatever you value you will embrace. If you value your health, then you will make decisions that bring about a healthier you!

A Healthier you is about caring for yourself first before you care for others!


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