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Your Passion, Your Purpose

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” Gautama Buddha

I had someone to ask me to assist her in defining her purpose. I responded with what’s your passion. She then looked at me and stated I don’t have a passion. It is then I stated yes you have a passion you just didn’t connect the two. Many times we put too much energy and focus on purpose as we search for our purpose but I offer you to look deep within and determine that one or two things that you are passionate about. God has given each of us something that we love and we do it with such ease, joy and pleasure. That one or two things that comes naturally to us. We don’t have to struggle or stir up our energy to do it we just simply do it. Your passion comes from within and it’s tied to your innate skills and abilities. Many people say they are passionate about something and they think that it’s their purpose but it’s really not. For example I knew a person that learned to play a saxophone but she wasn’t very good. She was determine to play so she practiced and spent money purchasing one of the best saxophones on the market. I would listen to her struggle to hit the notes and the music she attempted to play became more of a nuisance that a sound of harmony. On that other hand I met a gentlemen that play that saxophone as well but what a different in the sound when he played. He would get opportunities to play at various concerts and he even produced several CDs. What the difference in this story is that one wanted it to be a passion and the other was its passion. As I stated prior passion is connected to your innate abilities and skills. In determining your purpose you must know that you will have the necessary tools and skill to fulfill it. Finally know that difference between what you desire and what you have the capabilities to do.

 Your purpose will demand your passion. What I mean is that what you are passionate about you will be willing to master your craft. You will be willing to take classes, learn from the best, and, study to improve to bring their passion to life. For example, if you are passionate about the medical field you don’t mind spending the time in school attending classes and doing an internship to prepare yourself and acquire that necessary tools to become a great doctor. Many people make the mistake and don’t seek the training or acquire the knowledge needed to sharpen or enhance their God given talent.

 Finally your purpose is your calling. It’s that something that is deeply embedded in your heart and soul from the day you were born. It was that very thing that drew you when you were a kid. You always found yourself around it or always found yourself doing it no matter what. I recall growing up that I was always drawn to reading the bible. I loved to study various passages and parables. I had such a passion that I even attended Bible College just to fulfill that deep longing to know more. Today that passion is just as intense and now I find myself teaching God’s word to others. Every time I teach I am so moved by my passion and love for teaching God’s word. It was in the mid-nineties I accepted the call to teach and preach God’s word. In closing what are you passionate about? Is it cooking, sewing, writing or helping others. Take a close inventory of your life and see what you are drawn to and what is it that you love to do and you can do without a strain (it comes so naturally) then that is your purpose which is your call. Yes you are called to it and nothing in your life will feel as great and bring you the greatest self-actualization. I encourage you to pursue your passion so you can fulfill your call!!!!




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