Strategies to Experience Success

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Success is not the destination but it is the process of achieving a goal.” Kobe Bryant

When I heard Kobe Bryant explain this quote, I truly gained a greater understanding. I started focusing heavily on the process to achieving the goal and not necessarily the achievement of the goal. If you desire to succeed in anything, below are strategies that will assist you in experiencing success in any endeavor.

  1. Set goals – Goals setting serves as your target to achieving and making progress. Take a goal and set smaller goals to achieve along the way and this will make the larger goal more manageable and palpable. After you achieve a goal take time to celebrate your progress and achievement. At the start of the new year set three top priority goals.
  2. Accountability Partner – Find someone you trust and respect that will hold you accountable. Set time to meet with that person monthly or quarterly to report out on how you are doing. Accountability is so important and invaluable.
  3. Start again – If you fall off track, start again! Don’t beat yourself up, just get back up and forge ahead. Sometimes life happens and you have to hit the pause button and that is a part of the process.
  4. Value the Process – The process is the most important part of being successful. The process is learning to accept and being comfortable when you are in the infant stages of something new. The scripture states, “Despise not the days of small beginnings.” The process is when you work a full-time job and then your side business at night until it grows. The process is going back to school and working full-time and studying late at night after putting the children to bed. The process is being a single mom and working full-time and adjusting your spending to reestablishing your credit as you get back on your feet. The process is where character is developed and maturity is incubated. The process is when no one sees or understands why you are doing what you are doing, but you made the decision to see it through. Today make a decision to apply these principles and you will experience success!





Follow Your Dream

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The Power of the Right Connection

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