The Power Within

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty.” -Charles Haanel

To fully understand what you possess is to become unstoppable in fulfilling your God-given purpose and life’s mission. The greatest challenge you will face in life is not someone on your job, your next door neighbor, or childhood misfortunes, it is that you have never met the true you and the person that lurks to express yourself fully? What does that feel like? It feels like a bird that is meant to fly but doesn’t know it has wings or a caterpillar that never transforms into the butterfly or the frog that has the ability to leap but chooses to crawl. Each of you have been given within yourself, an ability to “be” more than what you are right now. The problem is that many are too busy trying to achieve goals and execute plans without discovering the power that lies within the depths of your being. I believe it is imperative that your focus should be on “being” or “be” the person you were designed to “be” and the achievement of your highest capability will come to fruition.

How is that done? There are five elements that you must understand and get clarity on that will bring you into your total “being.” Then you will be able to operate at your full capacity with the understanding of The Power Within aides you to “Be” who you were created to be and you will no doubt fulfill your purpose on earth. The five elements are Presence, Purpose, Pain, Promise and Prevail.

First, God’s presence is His spirit that was breathed into mankind. It is imperative that Genesis 2:7 becomes a part of your thinking patterning?  The very fact that God took time to, one, form you, and two, give you His spirit and then cause you to live is amazing all within itself. Then you must live from the premise that His Presence is within you, therefore, greater is He that is within you, than He that is in the world. Secondly, God has created each you with a purpose and it should be your aim to seek Him for your God given purpose and walk in it. God created all things with a purpose, from the plants and the ocean to the blue skies. Their purposes are different but important, and when you do not know your purpose, then you live an aimless life or a life out of purpose. Many of you are living according to what you desire and truly it is not God’s desire. True blessings and God’s favor comes only when you are in Purpose! Purpose clarification then gives you your assignment and fuels your passion. Thirdly, is “pain,” in which each of you will experience. Painful experiences range from rejection, marital problems, loss of job, loss of loved one, divorce, childhood trauma, abuse, emotional abandonment, an absent parent, relationship breakups, infidelity, family inherited curses, being let down, set-backs, poor decisions, back stabbing, trust broken, and the list goes on. However, on the other side of a painful experience is healing, restoration and forgiveness. Painful experiences can be viewed as power to propel you to live a life not paralyzed by hurt, but a life propelled by pain and faith in God’s healing power. It is to allow the Presence of God (the Holy Spirit) to override infiltrate you inwardly and to the abyss of your hurt so you can live without regrets and bitterness. Your pain becomes your sweet smelling perfume. Fourth is promise.  There are numerous promises in the scripture that gives you assurance. This assurance is to know that God cares about your well-being. When you operate in the Will of God’s promises for your life, then you are unstoppable. The key is that a promise of God must be applied appropriately and in the proper context. Therefore, stand on the promises of God for your life. Thus, you must apply the promises of God to your life and these scriptures must be within your heart in order for you to operate from a place of power from within. Finally, prevail is the very fact that God desires for you to be successful and that no matter what you face in life, God intends for you to prevail and be victorious. It’s doesn’t mean you’ll win always on the score board of life but what it means is that God will give you a victorious mindset, an inner disposition of peace that surpasses and transcends understanding. Do not count or consider your victory based on the world economic system or viewpoint but according to God. For example, if you gave up a tumultuous relationship and now you are at peace, then you are victorious. Many would say but you’re still single or divorced, but you say, I have peace… then you are victorious.

In closing if you desire to obtain a deeper knowledge of these principles then stay tuned for more information on how to register for the “The Power Within” series presented by A Total You!


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