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Career Advice

by Dr. Regina Campbell “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career. “ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam The best career advice I’ve received from a VP of Human Resources is as follows:  Do a great job in your current position… [Read More]

Choose Your Words Wisely

by Dr. Regina Campbell “The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” Arabian Proverb Ephesians 4:29 – Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. The… [Read More]

Finances 101

by Dr. Regina Campbell “Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.” Natasha Munson Money is not always the root cause of a person’s problem or challenge. In some cases it is how you view and value money. Like in anything the most important aspect of good… [Read More]

What Color Is Your Food?

by Dr. Regina Campbell Foods that are in high fiber and rich in vitamins are usually colorful. Try to eat as many vegetables and fruit to ensure you have a good source of nutrients. When you prepare your meals a good habit to develop is to have more colorful foods than beige or white. Foods… [Read More]

Career Mentoring

by Dr. Regina Campbell “I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.” Denzel Washington As you continue to matriculate in your career it is imperative and valuable to your development to have a mentor. The purpose of a mentor is for to… [Read More]

Making Good Decisions

 by Dr. Regina Campbell “You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choices; choose wisely” Regina D. Campbell, Ph.D. I often share with others that life is the sum of the decisions you make. Past decisions are present realities. Examine your life and it will point to your… [Read More]

Generational Healthy Eating Habits

by Dr. Regina Campbell How do I break the cycle of generational detrimental health habits? Is there such a thing as generational health habits or proclivities? Yes, I have observed over the years how one generation passes on habits to one generation to another. For instance a family generation proclivity of obtaining higher education can… [Read More]

Successful Ways to Change Your Career

by Dr. Regina Campbell Over the past several years the economic downturn has resulted in many that have faced the question what now? Many were laid off and that has forced some to rethink their career. Or maybe you’ve survive the debilitating economic and hasn’t felt the impact of a weak economic but you’ve been… [Read More]


by Dr. Regina Campbell “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie ten Boom Faith is the ability to trust God for every aspect of our life. It appears at times that faith is easily executed or seen. When things are going well and we are on top of the… [Read More]

Do What You Love

by Dr. Regina Campbell “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” — William Jennings Bryan If your company or organization decided that you would not get paid for one week, would you become… [Read More]

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