Continuous Improvement

by Dr. Regina Campbell

” There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.”  Oscar De La Hoya

ExecutiveI had a conversation with someone who took a job right out of high school and he had done the same job for 22 years. Now the job was closed out and moved to another city. My question is how does one not improve their skills over time so that he or she remains marketable or competitive in the market place? It is imperative that you always improve and sharpen your skills. If not you will become stagnated and complacent and more importantly outplaced. Unfortunately this mindset is not conducive for a progressive market place. No organization remains the same it is your responsibility to remain relevant and an asset for your organization. What must be understood is that organizations are looking for new and innovate ways to become efficient and those employees that embrace change and keep themselves abreast on the latest trends will likely survive a major transition.

Continuous improvement is your responsibility to see that your career is constantly evolving which means you must continue to improve and learn. You have to embrace training and development so that you can keep your skill set sharp. You can’t fear learning something new or different. When you go through the learning curve you will be out of your comfort zone which makes you feel inadequate and incompetent. Yet over time as you continue to learn you will become more comfortable and confident. Finally I encourage you to not be complacent and don’t wait for your organization to seek you out but create opportunities for your career and future by improving your skills and you’ll remain relevant and competitive in the market place.



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