Don’t Diet But Transform Your Eating Habits

by Dr. Regina Campbell

food“It’s not a diet it’s called eating healthy.”  Author Unknown

“There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. Skip the diet just eat healthy.”  Author Unknown

Today we see so many ways you can diet to shed those unwanted pounds. The market place is full of diets that contain what is good and not good for you when it comes to your eating habits. I have met many who have attempted a variety of diets and they truly experienced success. However over time the weigh that was shed came back and even more pounds were gained. I believe diets can serve as a catalyst for transforming your eating habits. Diets are temporary but transforming your eating habits can yield permanent and lasting change. A change that propels a new way of thinking about food, a new way of consuming food and a new way of gaining control over your eating habits.

If you have attempted a number of diets and found yourself on a roller coaster of losing and gaining pounds. I offer you this advice try changing your eating habits. Start with assessing your eating habits and select one thing you’ll like to change. For example when I decided to make changes in my eating habit I first decided to decrease the amount of soft drinks I consumed daily. I went from three to four cans a day to two to eventually none. I started to drink sweet tea and more water. Then over time I eliminated sweet tea from three times a week to totally eliminating it all together. This process I used with other unhealthy foods. Now that my eating habits has totally transformed I do allow myself to have some of my favorites occasionally.

The key to any new behavior especially when it comes to food consummation it takes discipline. Your ability to discipline and take control of your choices is the key. When you learn the art of discipline you will experience success in any area of your life. Discipline in this area of your life is when you decide what you’re eating and how much you eat. Self-discipline must be grounded in your personal goal. Your personal health goal becomes your motivation. The more often and frequency your choices align with your goal you are transforming your eating habits and more important your life style. Finally this process is not an easy and quick process but it will be worth it in the in. The most important thing you’ll need to mentally prepare for is the longevity of the process. Many people want it quick and in a hurry but this process takes time; for some it will take years. Therefore exercise self-discipline and you’ll reap a transformed eating lifestyle.

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