Don’t Give Up

by Dr. Regina Campbell

dont_give_up-63[1]“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.” Babe Ruth

Life is not about accomplishing your dreams and goals without a struggle. Success is about what you’ve overcome to achieve your goals and dreams. I learned in college that anything that I would accomplish would take perseverance. Perseverance is the ability to remain faithful and on a course until you’ve accomplished the set out goal. Many people can start but it’s the will to preserver that separates the successful from those that are not as successful. Life is not always going to be easy but it is possible and not giving up is the key to success.

Learn to have an immense ability to focus on your goal and not be concerned with how fast you are going or how others are doing. Everyone is different and has different variables to contend with in their life so your ability to achieve is not contingent upon someone else’s ability. I encourage whatever you are dealing with now or hoping for refuse to quit. I spoke with a dear friend of mind about a challenge and she simply stated “quitting is not an option” and from that statement alone I continue to stay the course no matter how slow I think I was traveling.

Finally if you give up too soon you will have missed a great opportunity of success and victory. You may not always feel strong but just keep headed in the right direction and eventually you will achieve or you will get through that difficult period in life and you’ll look back and say it wasn’t that bad after all. Therefore don’t give up on your dream, on your goal, on those that you love and most important on yourself. You owe it to yourself don’t give up for life is a journey and not a destiny.

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