Don’t Sell Yourself Short

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsch

When you have done a job for so long or worked at one company for a significant amount of time it’s easy to become comfortable. When you become too comfortable you could sell yourself short and think that you have reached the pinnacle of your career. I encourage you to always keep an open mind to new higher levels of opportunities and don’t allow your fear to paralyze you from applying for something that will require a greater use of your skill set. If you have passed up opportunities because you think you’re not capable don’t sell yourself short. You’ll be surprised that you are gifted and talented beyond your wildest dreams. When you sell yourself short you make statements like “I can’t”, “I am not cut out for that” or “I am not the one for the job.” If you don’t sell yourself short you can reach a level of success that you truly have always desired and dreamed. For example I was asked to take on an executive leadership position after serving a number of years in middle level management. My first thought was I am not capable of leading at the executive level. However my mentor reminded me of all those things I was doing and stated now it’s a matter of moving beyond your comfort zone and using the same skills in a broader way. She was correct and I learned that my ability rose to the occasion as time went on. Therefore I encourage you not to sell yourself short but step out and believe.  

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