Effective Communication

by Dr. Regina Campbell

EffectiveCommunication“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”  Plato

Effective communication is an asset in corporate America. Despite your career your ability to articulate effectively serves as a commodity. Effective communication is to convey your thoughts in a manner that is clearly understood. The various methods of communication is important such as through email, presentations, webcast or video chat. One of the important aspects of communicating is tone. The tone you speak whether in an email or in person inform your listeners of your attitude behind what you speak. As many of you know using all caps in an email informs the listeners of you being upset. Yet if you use lower caps but the tone sends a message of being upset it is just as inappropriate. Thus watch your tone when communicating.

Also learn the art of effectively listening. Many of us only focus on being heard and getting our point across. Listening allows you the opportunity to think before you respond and it positions you to set a tone of respect. Listening when it comes to an email is to read the email in its entirety as you may miss a value point as you read. Another aspect of effective communication is proof reading your emails and presentations. This sound fundamental but it’s still a vital part of effective communication. Many times you may be pressed for time so you send that email before proofing and later you realized you made some crucial errors. For major presentations I suggest getting someone else to proof your work sense you are the author of the document. This will allow someone other than your proofing.

As you matriculate in your career you may be expected to give presentations to a variety of audiences. Here is where you have to master and sharpen your public speaking skills. If you are uncomfortable with speaking in front of people you may have to enroll in a class or practice. Either way you’ll have to become comfortable to a point in which your fear doesn’t hinder your presentations. Speaking in front of people is easier for some but the key is communicating effectively. In addition learn your audience and their expectation. A good principle is to speak with brevity but with depth. Finally effective communication in any situation is communicating in a manner that is professional and persuasive.


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