Effective Leadership

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams mentor4

Today’s workplace is certainly different than 25 years ago. Leaders today must possess skills that influence a group of people for a common good. Leaders must use the transformational leadership style that focuses on building relationships and respect for those they lead. Transformational leaders focus on the people they lead and building a level of trust with those people. People desire to add value to their company but first must know that they are valued by their leader. Effective leaders understand that they must communicate to the employee that they are of great value to the organization. Also, the best way to communicate to someone that they are valued is to empower employees. Empowerment is when someone is given an opportunity to make decisions, to implement an idea or even lead a committee. Empowerment is when the leader trusts the employee to allow them to fully maximize their talent and most importantly not feel intimated or insecure of a person’s ability. In addition, effective leadership is to know how to manage and lead people in different situations; understanding that you must apply different skills for different people in different situations. In today’s workplace people need to be recognized and appreciated. Recognition and appreciating people can be done in many facets. People truly want to know that they are can be a part of something great and it’s the leaders’ job to make sure everyone feels a part and that their contribution matters.

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