Finish What You Start

by Dr. Regina Campbell

achieve-your-goals“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Each New Year many people set out to accomplish specific goals. These goals are written out with a great deal of zeal and passion and good intent to achieve. However after a period of time these goals are no longer as exciting as it was when set because the excitement and newness has dissipated. The question becomes why it is so difficult to achieve set goals year after year. First goal setting is good but it’s even better to set realistic goals. Many times goals are too high of expectations and then the goal becomes unrealistic. Second goals must be broken down into parts. If you desire to lose a certain amount of weight then set small goals leading up to the overall goal. Third celebrate the small wins. Whenever you achieve small goals that lead to the overall goal take time to celebrate. Fourth don’t try to conquer the world and achieve everything in one year. It is best to set one or two goals per year you’ll likely achieve one or two goals as opposed to five to six goals. Fifth if you get off track pick back up as quickly as possible. Don’t allow setbacks to derail your entire efforts. Sixth keep track of your progress as this will allow you to physically see how you are doing. Keeping track of your progress keeps you honest and engaged with your goals. Finally don’t get discouraged if you are not achieving your goals as quickly as you had hoped but the key is having the determination to see it through despite how long it takes.
Many people can set goals but many people don’t possess the perseverance and grit to finish. I encourage you to finish what you start as the greatest accomplishment is not setting the goal but what you’ll become through the process of achieving the goal.

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