Healthy Eating Habits

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“You gotta eat right, you gotta have healthy habits, you know, and balance out your decadence with a healthy lifestyle during the day.”
— Talib Kweli

healthy-eating-habitsAs I age, I find myself being more appreciative of good health. You must become more aware of the fact that you only have one body and the greatest responsibility beyond your relationships, your career, and a plethora of duties is taking care of your body. To accomplish your goals and dreams your health will be crucial to your success. The greatest gift you can give your spouse, children and love ones is good health. When you take care of your body it allows you to live at your full potential mentally, emotionally and physically. Your body houses your emotions and mental capacity, and when you are not in good health it impacts your mental capacity and emotions. If your career is immensely demanding having good health strengthens your ability to function at a high mental capacity in which you are able to think clearly, make sound decisions and lessen your stress level. Optimal health keeps your emotions in a stable and consistent level. You’ll be able to remain calm and collective in challenges.

Possessing good health starts with health habits. It is as simple as eating moderate-sized meals, starting your day with eating a good healthy breakfast, walking up the stairs at work vs. taking the elevator, parking a couple spaces from the doors when you go shopping, and simply getting a good night’s rest. To incorporate healthy habits, it’s all about choices. Each day when you eat you are faced with decisions on what to eat. Make sure that at the end of the week you have made more healthy choices. Then, you can have up to one cheat day. Even with one cheat day you must still have a good healthy selection of food. For example, on your cheat day if you decide to have dessert, then you refrain from having a fried food. If you have fried food, then you refrain from dessert. Sometimes you may have both, but you decide to have both in moderation.

What is moderation? Moderation is one or two less servings than what you normally have. For example, if you usually eat 2 slices of cake then you have 1 small to medium slice of cake. Moderation varies for everyone. As you are transforming your eating habits you must make a decision first in regards to what areas of your eating habits you’ll be changing.

Healthy Habits You Should Consider (It’s All About Choices)

  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Eat small to moderate portions
  • Eat more colorful vegetables than white vegetables
  • Eat more baked/grilled vs. fried foods
  • Eat more fish/fowl than red/pork meat
  • Eat more fiber or whole grain foods
  • Eat fruit (natural sugar)
  • Drink less sugary drinks
  • Drink water daily
  • When you get full, stop eating

Burn Calories

Exercise at least 3 – 4 times a week for 40 to 50 minutes:

  • Cardio – good for your heart; walking or running
  • Yoga – good for flexibility, strength and inner calmness
  • Strength Training – good for decreasing fat


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