Healthy Living

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Healthy living is not a diet” Author Unknown

When you think of healthy living you think of dieting and exercising. You think of reframing or restricting yourself from certain foods and having to endure a painstaking work out. As you commence a New Year I ask that you consider healthy living from other perspectives. Healthy living is not only the life style of what you eat and exercising but it’s also having healthy relationships, and a healthy mindset. Both healthy relationships and a healthy mindset contribute to healthy living. Having healthy relationships are relationship that brings you joy, peace and love. It’s being connected with people that align with your values and standards in your life. People that stimulate your thinking and challenger your intellect as you discuss a variety of topics. You need people in your life that support your dreams and goals; that are an asset not a liability. In turn you support their goals and dreams. Healthy relationships are reciprocal in terms of asset and care. It’s having someone there to help you when you need assistance.  Also it’s someone that is honesty and transparent in informing you that some of your proclivities are detrimental to your success. Healthy relationships are not one sided but they are a balancing act between giving and receiving. Most important you must understand that in all of your relationships each has a purpose. Most important regardless of the purpose for each of your relationships you must never feel a sense of inferiority or not good enough when you are around that person. Healthy relationships must be respectful, kind and giving.

In addition having a healthy mindset is important as well. Healthy minds are those individuals that continue to learn by reading and keeping their mind sharp; always feeding their intellectual capacity so that they can stay abreast on variance of areas in life. A healthy mind is how your process what you see, hear and experience. Do you process everything from a negative perspective? A healthy mind sees truth and acknowledges facts but fine the silver lining in every situation. Another aspect of a healthy mindset is how you view yourself. Do you see yourself as not good enough, not capable of accomplishing your goals, not worthy and so forth? Throughout this year focus on your thinking patterns and how you see and view things. If you always see the dreadful and negative view of everything, I challenge you to change your pattern of thinking so that you can you embrace Philippians 4:8…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Your mindset determines your actions and behavior. Your mind is the door to your emotions, thus feed your mind a healthy dose of positive motivations, biblical principles, and affirmations. d

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