Healthy Relationships

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“A Healthy Relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams or your dignity” Mandy Hale

The life you live is all about relationships. Many people never think about relationships that they are in as a part of their health. But having healthy relationships is imperative when it comes to your overall health. To have healthy relationships I believe that there some key elements to ensure that your relationships are healthy. First you must have a healthy relationship within yourself. You are to possess within yourself a healthy view of yourself, possess a positive mindset and outlook on life and treat yourself with love, care and respect. You must possess a high self-worth and value before you expect it to come from others. Your internal disposition of yourself must be healthy from an emotional standpoint. When you are internally healthy then you are poised to bring to a relationship peace, joy and happiness. Yet if your internal disposition is negative, self-degrading and insecure then you bring these attributes into a relationship. Second healthy relationships are reciprocal. It’s when you give and pour into to the lives of others. You are there to encourage that love one or friend. A healthy relationship is about reciprocity in which each party gives and receives. It’s not a one way relationship in which one person is always giving but both are mutually receiving and benefit from the relationship. For example, I have friend that has been extremely supportive to me in many ways. One day she asked me to support her in an adventure and my response was absolutely, but when the time came for me to attend the event I was exhausted and really needed some time to rest. However I thought to myself that my friend had been very supportive to me and my adventure and it was time for me to reciprocate. When I arrived at the event she was so happy to see me and it was then I was elated to be there supporting her.

Third, in possessing a healthy relationship it’s about being unselfish. Sometimes we must learn to do things for others that we are not interested in but because the other person is endearing to us then we have to be unselfish and learn to sacrifice for that friend or love one. For example while on vacation I was asked by my niece to go tubing with her and then she asked me to go down the water slide with her. My idea was to sit by the pool and to enjoy a time of relaxation and peace. Yet because I love her and it was an opportunity to sacrifice and to be unselfish I chose to go tubing and down the water slide with her. I must admit I truly enjoyed doing those things with her and I learned from the experience that a healthy relationship is not about me and what I want but about being a blessing to others. Consequently, healthy relationships are the highest level of human connections and engagement that can bring us immense joy.

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