Healthy Relationships

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams or your dignity.” Mandy Hale

friendship-50a Cropped-1Healthy relationships are vital to your health. You must connect with people where you are refueled and inspired by being in their presence. Your relationships are to be a blessing to you and not detrimental to you. People that you connect with are to be like minded. You should have common views and values. Connecting with someone that doesn’t align with your purpose or values can become detrimental to your health. Your friends and those you love should love and respect you as a person. They should be good to you and be good for you. When a person leads you from God or your value system then you’ll need to examine that relationship.

When you are in an unhealthy relationship you can’t fully function at your best. You sacrifice your purpose and at times neglect your purpose. Unhealthy relationships can impact your overall health over time. You can’t see the initial effect but over time you will become out of balance and unfruitful. How do you determine if a relationship is unhealthy? You do so by examining if you are fulfilling your purpose and dream. If you’ve sacrificed your value systems to accommodate the other person then it is more likely that relationship may not be what’s best for you. Finally the best relationships are respectable and supportive from both persons, not when one person dominates and focuses on their needs. Thus I encourage you to engage in healthy and productive relationships.

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