Holiday Eating Habits

by Dr. Regina Campbell

thanksgiving“The Holidays are for family and friends to join together and reminiscence about the good times, and to continue its traditions from times passed” Dr. Regina Campbell

The Holidays are upon us to set aside time to spend with family and friends. To see those loves ones that are far and near. To love, laugh and maybe even cry coupled with food. Food is the answer to every Holiday party or event. There no such thing as a Holiday event if food is not being served. You like most people don’t intend to gain pounds throughout the Holidays but I believe it is a matter of applying a very simple principle that you should live by daily. That principle is to exercise, make healthy choices and execute portion control which will keep you on track. If you continue to exercise several days a week and being caution of your portion then you are likely to maintain your weight.

Tips for Your Holiday Eating:

Portion Control – don’t allow the holidays to be an excuse of why you over indulge; self-control is imperative! When you are partaking of your meal on with your friends and family you don’t have to select everything that is on the menu. Also don’t feel compelled to fill up your plate because there is greater percentage that you will get seconds. If you get seconds then you would not have consumed as many calories.

Eat Slowly – when you eat slowly and drink water in between bits you should fill up sooner.

Read this article on reasons why eating slower is healthier.

Healthy Choices – choose to eat food with lots of color, greens, vegetables, chicken, fish; you can eat starch but limit the amount of starch (mash potatoes, macaroni & cheese, rice and etc…)

Drink Plenty of Water – watch your calorie intake on drinks you can consume lots of calories when you drink several cups of caffeine, such as coffee, soda and sweet tea. Have one coke and not several cans of coke.
After you eat you should not have this uncomfortable feeling as if you are becoming sick. If you do then you have over eaten. The Holiday is about not how much we can eat but how we can create fun memories with those we love.

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