How to boost your career with Strong Interpersonal Skills

by Dr. Regina Campbell

Executive“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” Teddy Roosevelt

Interpersonal skills are essential to having a successful career. I have been in leadership for over 20 years in times past I would hire people with great technical skills to accomplish a job. However now I look for people with strong interpersonal skills as I believe I can teach the technical skills needed. Technical skills are the components and how to complete a job task but interpersonal skills are those elements of how a person interacts with others and this skill can’t be taught. Interpersonal skills is having an ability to interact with others in such a way that you are able to work together to accomplish a goal for a common cause. Interpersonal skills for the workplace is managing conflict, effective communication, problem solving, effective listening, having credibility, not blaming others , valuing and appreciating others, and being open minded. As you interact daily with your co-workers focus on strengthen your interpersonal skills. Strong interpersonal skills will advance your career.

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