Humble Is The Way

by Dr. Regina Campbell

James 4:6: But he gives us more grace…God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. NIV

 “Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character.”  Melanie Koulouris

 To be humble is a great trait or asset to possess. When you are considered a humble person you often tend to celebrate others, put others’ needs before yours, you tend to shy away from the public eye in wanting to be noticed or recognized. You are comfortable within your talents, gifts and skills. You don’t have a need or desire to compete with others as well as bring others down. On the other hand you lift others’ up and find ways to praise and build others’ confidence. A humble person truly understands that his/her success is a result of others’ support and help. Therefore when recognized a humble person will point out those that assisted in the accomplishments.

In today’s society many people are striving to accomplish their goals and dreams but at the expense of others. According to the biblical principle in James 4:6 God opposes proud people. Proud people are usually arrogant, self-centered, stubborn and rebellious. Proud people only focus on their needs and wants and they are determined to make sure what they want will come to pass. Proud people demand the spotlight, recognition and they focus on rising to the top regardless of who they may hurt. Proud people are self-righteous and full of themselves.  They must have their names called and praise often by others. On the contrary James 4:6 teaches us that God favors the humble meaning He bestows blessings upon the humble. God will favor the humble person in many ways as he/she matriculate through life. What I appreciate the most about humble people is that they are very grateful and appreciative. I encourage you to focus on being humble and allow God to lift you up and bestow blessings upon your life.

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