It All Starts In the “Mind”

by Dr. Regina Campbell

PROVERBS 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart…”(KJV)

“Mindset is everything” Author Unknown

The mindset is the door to how you process and filter your experiences and what comes to mind. If you desire to be successfully you must have a mindset of confidence and assurance. Your mindset and thought process determines your level of success. You must possess a positive and optimistic mindset in every aspect of your life. It is not to negate and overlook difficulties and challenges. It is in those difficulties and challenges you find hope and opportunities. How you approach and handle life’s experiencing all depends on your mindset. I want to offer you the opportunity to start possessing a mind of a champion. A mind of a champion is to think and process everything through the lens of positivity and optimism. It’s a natural proclivity to respond with negativity and complain about what you are experiencing. While all experiences are not always pleasant but through every experience you can come to a point of allowing the unpleasant experience to overtake you or you can find a way through a positive and optimistic mindset to combat the negative experiences.

Everything you experience or will every encounter your mindset will determine your ability to overcome and get through the situation. As you think about yourself, your ability to accomplish desired goals and dreams or your ability to handle a situation is determined by your mindset thus it all starts in the mind. I would offer you to focus on sharpening your mindset through positive self affirmations, self “I AM” statements, reading motivational and inspiring literature or reading biblical principles. These are methods of feeding your mind which will strengthen and assists you in developing a positive mindset.  Most important what you feed your mind determines your mindset. Thus feed your mind a healthy diet of positivity and words of faith and confidence.

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