It’s Not About You But Those You Love

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“The greatest wealth is health” Virgil

Every decision impacts those you love. Therefore, your health truly impacts those you love and if you neglect your healthy then you are neglecting those you love. It is your responsibility to make sure you are living your best healthy life possible. If you chose to ignore your health, forgo annual physicals, eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of rest this could be a decision that can negatively impact your life which could immensely impact your family in a negative manner as well. Your healthy is not about you but those you love…your spouse, children, family and friends. Your life matters thus for you to continue to share and make fond memories with your family and friends then its imperative that you take care of yourself. However if you ignore taking care of yourself it could in some cases shorten your life. Thus as you look at your health and if you know that there are things that you are doing or thing that you are not doing that are detrimental to your health then decide according to those you love to make some changes. Allow your family and those you love to be the motivating factor in your health conscientiousness and remember it’s not about you but those your love.

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