It’s Not What You Have It’s Who You Are

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Be true to who you are” Kimberly Pollardsmsf-destiny-620x349

In life we find ourselves striving to reach our professional and personal goals. Yet we never consider the one thing that is the most important aspect of our life and that is “being”. Too much focus has been placed on what we accumulate and the materialism that we obtain. Gaining material wealth is not the key to true happiness and inner joy. What’s important is the ability to become that person we’ll created to be. Material wealth doesn’t make you better than someone who has less and it doesn’t equate to true joy.  We should strive and work on our “being” which is our person-hood. It is who we are at our core, that inner person hidden behind the materialism. It’s our true character and essence. What makes us tick and what drives us, what causes us to do what we do. One philosopher stated “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

I encourage you to put more effort and focus on your “being” in that of your true essence those true hidden treasures deeply embedded within your soul, but are you focus on your personal wealth and aggrandizement. You can accumulate great wealth and riches and still be empty and unfulfilled or you can discover that part of you that truly embodies your true self and riches of character and strength. Now it’s time to unveil the mask of pretending and being a hypocrite and face the true you. When you look in the mirror be honest with yourself and decide that you are of value despite your social economic status. It’s what’s inside that matter!!!!!

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