It’s Time To Raise Your Belief and Lower Your Doubt

by Dr. Regina Campbell

If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out. William Blake

In life you will face many obstacles and challenges that will cause you to doubt yourself, doubt your decisions, doubt your abilities, and even doubt your existence. When you give too much time and energy to your short comings and those decisions that turned out to be the wrong decisions then you foster an immense amount of doubt in yourself. Too many times people crucify themselves when they make a mistake yet mistakes are for us to learn from so that it will help us in the future. I want to encourage you to raise your belief in God and in yourself. You may ask how does a person raise their belief and lower their doubt. First you must understand some level of apprehension or trepidation is normal when you are embarking upon something that brings you out of your comfort zone or something that you maybe embarking upon for the first time. However usually over time you become accustom to that situation or tasks and your confidence grows. Second when you allow doubt to control and dominate your life it paralyzes you from moving ahead or stepping out to achieve your true desires. Thirdly become comfortable with being uncomfortable. For example when I enrolled in my first doctoral course I was very nervous about my ability to truly accomplish such a lofty goal. Yet despite my doubts I attended new student orientation and commenced my studies and as time went on my belief and confidence grew. If I had allowed my doubt and fear to control and dominate me then I would not have started yet alone completed the program. Therefore sometimes you have to feel fear and still move ahead. Fourth and finally you are the only person that can stop you. You are the person that can give life to your doubt and you are the only person that can raise your belief and not allow doubt and fear to control you. People will always doubt you but it’s not what people think or do but it’s what you think and believe.

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