Keep It Moving

by Dr. Regina Campbell

Simple-walking-exercise[1]“Walking is a man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates

Now that spring is upon us this is a great time of the year to keep your new year’s resolution to a better you with your health and fitness by finding time to exercise outside. Also with daylight savings this gives you more of an opportunity to walk outside since the time has changed. Walking outside during this time is a good way to get some exercise and spend time refueling and reviving your body. You can get some friends or family members to participate with you as well. Enjoy the outdoors by finding a walking path in your neighborhood or at a local park.

The more you keep your body moving the more calories you will burn. Try to find ways to do so for example when you go to the mall park a little further out so you can take those extra steps. Use the stairwell at work so you can build up your heart rate and even on your break at work take a 15 minute brisk walk. These are ways to keep your body moving and energize. Don’t let this season pass you by without taking advantage of the great weather and the opportunity to get fit and feel good about your health.

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