Making Good Decisions

 by Dr. Regina Campbell

“You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choices; choose wisely” Regina D. Campbell, Ph.D.

A light bulb shines in the head of a thinking woman, concept ofI often share with others that life is the sum of the decisions you make. Past decisions are present realities. Examine your life and it will point to your past decisions. Thus the questions becomes where do you want to be in the next 10 years. Then today you must make decisions that align with your future desires. This principle can apply to every aspect of your life. The key to positioning your life for your future is to make a decision and stick with the decision; to stick with a decision is to exercise consistent discipline. A lack of discipline is where most people fall short; the inability to be consistent and committed to a decision for the long term. Many people are short term thinkers in that they can only see today thus every decision is about the present the here and now.

If you want to experience success in a particular area in your life make decisions that leads to your future and you will reap your desired future. Here lies in the challenge becoming impatient which position you to forfeit your desired future. For instance when you set a goal to accomplish a desired outcome if you don’t see immediate results then human nature is the tendency to give up on the dream because you haven’t accomplished it within the time you set.

Making a good decision is the first step but what you do on a day to day basis really determines if the desired outcome will come to fruition. Daily behaviors and habits are true indicators if you will accomplish your dream. Many people think that one good decision is all you need to do but you have to make daily good decisions which develop good habits. Daily good decisions guarantee success in every facets of your life!!!!

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