The Right Attitude

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“We can change our future by merely changing our attitude to the positive. Simply yet powerful” Zeenat Merchant Syal

There is nothing more important than having the right attitude. Attitude determines how you experience life circumstances. Life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties. The right attitude is a positive attitude! Your attitude can have a negative or positive impact on your life. According to an article in Everyday Health by Dawn M. Williams “a negative attitude is almost a guarantee that life will be more difficult and less fulfilling than it should be. Further, a pessimistic outlook will adversely affect your health, relationships, and professional growth.” In addition, when you possess a negative attitude it has an adverse effect on your overall health. On the other hand, possessing a positive attitude has a positive effect on your health. “Attitude is comprised of the internal dialog we have with ourselves and our reactions to the outside world. Researchers continue to find compelling evidence that a positive attitude has beneficial effects to our well-being and health. Studies consistently find links between attitude and health when related to: a longer life span, lower rates of depression, less susceptibility to airborne illnesses such as colds, and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.” For further information, read this great article on the six steps to a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is just as important as exercising, eating a balance healthy meal and other healthy regiments. Think of your attitude as the control tower at an airport. It controls your moods, mindset, patterns of thinking, emotions and life experiences. As a believer your attitude is your means of witnessing as many are observing your reaction to a situation and the method in which you handle a situation. By no means I am saying you want get down or experience discouragement at times. However, the question is what attitude do you possess in any given situation? Finally, I challenge you today to check your attitude!

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