Reinvent Yourself

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.” Satya Nadella

Working a job or for an employer for a number of years it is easy to become stagnate and comfortable. Yet if you want to remain competitive or gain a competitive advantage it’s imperative that you reinvent yourself through learning or acquiring a new skill. To reinvent yourself one must be willing to step out of its comfort zone and try something new and different. Try something that will cause you to stretch and challenge your security. How do you know what you truly are capable of if you do not try something different? When you reinvent yourself, you tap into a part of you that you have never discovered and you grow in ways that will increase your marketability in the work place. In addition when you reinvent your skills and talents you position yourself to take on new opportunities that could lead to a better future. Don’t sit back and be content and get too comfortable but challenge and stretch yourself to always learning and sharpening your skills. I encourage you to read this article in Forbes, Reinvent yourself into a new career.

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