Set High Goal

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” Bo Jackson

???????????????????????????????As you start a new and exciting year if you are like me you are ready to achieve something great. Before you set out on your journey take time to set some specific and measurable goals. It is one thing to say you want to lose weight. But if you set a specific goal that you can measure then it truly leads you achieving goals. For example I set goals as to what I plan to eat weekly to keep me on track. I also encourage you to set small goals that will lead to the overarching goal you desire. Your goals become your road map to success and as you detour from the goals then you detour from the road map to success. Then at the end of another year you become disappointed with the fact that you have not achieved your goal.

Don’t be afraid to set high goals. Being afraid of striving for a high goal is an excuse for not trying. A high goal stretches and challenges you. If you don’t achieve a stretch goal you would have achieved more than if you had not strive for the high goal. Goals are for you to see how strong you are and what’s inside of you. There is so much untapped potential that lies within you and if you don’t push yourself then you can’t maximize your potential. In addition setting a goal that takes immense focus and all your effort you will become frustrated and discouraged at times but it’s the process of stretching that will transform your life. Finally to accomplish any goal regardless of the size it will take focus and discipline. You have to remain true to being consistent and steady as you strive for the goal. Where most people fall short is a lack of being consistent and disciplined. They allow their short term thinking and present feelings to win and when this occur you derail your previous efforts and likewise your ultimate goal. Goals are all about what you desire to see in the future and if you are not willing to do the things in your present that will guarantee your future then goals are just words on paper.

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