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  • Dr. Regina Campbell's book, Mind of a Champion, clearly explains how readers can achieve their goals and dreams. With Dr. Campbell as your guide, you can live the life of success you envision.
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    Order one of Dr. Regina Campbell’s inspiring and reinvigorating messages that will challenge and transform your life!
  • "It’s Time to Worship" is a message that inspires the believer to seek God’s presence; to understand that every aspect of a believer’s life is about honoring God.
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  • "A New Spirit" is a message that inspires the believer that to accomplish a goal or to experience a different outcome in life the believer must have an internal change in his/her inner disposition.
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  • "The Secret Place" is a message that inspires every believer to have a close relationship and walk with God. God desires an intimate relationship with the believer, but it is a matter of choice for the believer.
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  • The Mind of a Champion is a seven series message that will assist a person to reframe their thinking to achieve their highest potential.
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