by Dr. Regina Campbell

stewardshipGenesis 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

“Stewardship is the capacity to manage what God has entrusted in your hands or care.” Dr. Regina Campbell

From the beginning of time God gave mankind an awesome responsibility and that was stewardship. Stewardship is the ability to keep and take care of what has been entrusted in your hands. God has given each of us materialism liken to a car, a house, clothing and other basis needs. Being a good steward is to make certain that you take care of your material blessings by keeping them up such as the car, house and clothing. Don’t just miss use or abuse any material blessing. Keep them in the best possible shape. For example make certain you appreciate your vehicle by keeping it clean and the maintenance up. Many people don’t see the little things like an oil change is imperative in being a good steward.

In addition stewardship must be applied when it comes to our relationships, careers, and health. These are blessings that God has afforded us and we must do our part in making sure we do not take our relationships, careers or health for granted.

Your relationships are crucial to being a good steward meaning don’t take your spouse for granted. Don’t assume he or she knows you love them. Even your children should know how much you love them. Learn to tell those you love that you appreciate and love them. Learn to put your love in action by doing those little things that shows your spouse or love ones that you truly love them. I have always called my mother every day when I moved out of town. Still today I call my mother daily to check on her even though she now has Dementia I am still committed to express my love and gratitude to her. Why change now despite her condition for my love and appreciation for her is still the same or if not even more now. Being a good steward on your job or in your career is to be a good employee. Don’t cut corners but do your job to its fullest by putting your best effort in any assignments you’ve been given. Most important about stewardship is take personal ownership and make certain you do your part to take care of all that has been entrusted in your hands. God expects you to keep, protect and cherish all that is in your hands. Be a good steward!!!!

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