The Art of Self-Discipline

by Dr. Regina Campbell

” With self-discipline most anything is possible.”  Theodore Roosevelt

beautiful young african woman meditating at homeThe ability to achieve anything in life is not a matter of gift or talent. It is not a matter of desire and grit but a person’s ability to possess and apply self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to do what’s needed to be done in order to yield a desired outcome. For example it is not enough to set a goal or have a plan to achieve something but if you do not possess self-discipline then a goal is only a goal. Self-discipline is the ability to push beyond what you feel and do what you know you must do in order to accomplish a goal. For example when you decide to save money and pay off debt you have to refrain from old spending habits and learn to save. Self-discipline is when you put money aside and not go back and spend it at a later date. Self-discipline’s key is an ability to say no to yourself or a strong emotional desire to do what you have always done. Yet you know what you’ve always done hasn’t brought you a desired result. The greatest challenge to self-discipline is when you talk yourself out of doing the right thing by giving excuses. For example going back to the savings example you refrain from saving and decide to spend money on something that you really do not need but because you want it at that time then you spend the money despite the goal you set.  Finally, self-discipline is having patience to accomplish your goal. Having patience is the ability to see something through. When you become impatient you lose self-discipline and allow your current emotions to govern your decisions. Thus don’t become impatient just continue to apply self-discipline and you will accomplish great things.

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