The Art of waiting: Patience

by Dr. Regina Campbell

smsf-destiny-620x349“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer

Society today has changed. If you look around you’ll see signs and advertisement of how you can acquire something quick and in a hurry. You see indicators that you can achieve something great with little or minimum time invested. When you read messages about achieving things quick and in a hurry but when and it doesn’t happen then it leaves you frustrated and discouraged. But you must know and realize time is a precious commodity and it can be a great source to a person when it comes to building something. For example if you are going to build a business it will take time to get it established and off the ground. If you are going to obtain a degree it takes time as well. I firmly believe that any great accomplishment will take time invested.

The art of waiting is to learn how to maintain focus and discipline over a period of time. When you are working on a project, building a business, building a marriage or a relationship it takes focus and discipline. For example if you started a business and you’ve had the business for 2 years and you know someone who had the same business for 15 years. If the person whose being in business for 15 years is now enjoying the fruit of his/her labor then that is evident because he/she has been in business for 15 years. The key is that the person with 15 years in that business has exercise focus and discipline over an extended period of time. Focus and discipline is working on a goal daily without quitting. It is being consistent and not starting and stopping. You have to learn to stay the course and not get side track by other things or distractions. The art of waiting is working on your goal until you reach your goal. Another example is if you’ll like to get in shape you can’t work out every now and then and think you will reach your goal you have to consistently workout and eat healthy daily. Consistently is when you daily have to make choices that will lead to your accomplishing your goal. Therefore the art of waiting is to execute daily discipline.

In addition waiting is when you at times must learn to contain and control your emotions of quitting, giving up or throwing in the towel when you don’t see or experience desired results. Learn to calm down and enjoy the journey. You may not have accomplished the goals you’ve set out by a certain age but just keep plugging away and don’t let your emotions make any decision to quit but stay the course it will be worth it in the long run. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” You can do it hang in there!!!

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