The Keys To Success

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s all a matter of discipline. I was determined to discover what life held for me beyond the inner-city streets.” Wilma Rudolph

The New Year is upon us and we are excited about what the future holds. Many people at the start of a New Year think about their life and what changes they will like to make, and the goals they will like to accomplish. It’s always an exciting time because people run out the gate of life with a fast start with enthusiasm. I want to encourage you to think deeply about your life and determine why is it in the past attempts at some of your goals and New Year resolutions that you didn’t achieve them as you set out to. What you must understand is that just because the clock strikes 12:01 AM doesn’t mean that you and I automatically will accomplish our goals because it’s a New Year. What must happen is three things in order to make adjustments in your life so that this year you’ll accomplish your goals. First you must have a change of mindset about whatever you are trying to accomplish. For example if you desire to live a healthier life then you must change your mindset towards your health. In order to change you mindset you have to understand the true importance of why you need to live a healthier life. For instance if you have high blood pressure understanding and embracing the unfavorable impact that high blood pressure can have on your life. Consequently with this understanding you make the necessary changes in your eating habits and other areas that will positively bring down your high blood pressure. Second you must exercise discipline. Any goal or dream you desire to accomplish must be through discipline. Discipline is the greatest tool that you can possess. Discipline is the art of staying the course despite when it gets difficult or challenging. Discipline is being consistent. Consistent is having the daily ritual planting the right seeds that will bring a harvest of success when it comes to you achieving your goal. Discipline is being focus and continuing to work on your plan even if the results you desire are not coming as quick as you’ll like. Discipline is says yes to your future and no to how you feel at the present time. To exercise discipline you have to fight against your feelings and emotions that lead you a former way of doing something. It is having self-control so that you can achieve your goal. When I was pursuing my doctoral degree it was the art of discipline that applied. For example if you desire to save money at times you’ll have to say no to purchasing something that you don’t necessary need and choose to save those dollars. I knew a couple that wanted to save money for a vacation. They decided to not go out to eat on the weekends, cook at home and take their lunch to work. These two modifications in their financial plan allowed them to pay cash for a nice vacation. The third and final attribute you must apply to accomplish your goals is patience. Many of us want fast and quick results. We want to see the weight come off within a matter of days. However in reality it takes time to achieve goals. Therefore don’t get so down on yourself when you don’t see the results you desire in a matter of days or weeks stay the course. Eventually you’ll see changes over a period of time. When you change your mindset, exercise discipline and patience you can achieve your life goals and dreams.




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