The Power of the Mind

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“It starts with how you think and what you think that determines your level of success” Regina Campbell, Ph.D.Spiritual Enrichment

There are certain levels of success that will only be determined by your mindset. The mindset is an important commodity when it comes to achieving your goals. You must possess a mindset that is positive and full of belief if you plan to succeed. Many people don’t understand that there is a correlation between their mindset and their level of success. There are different types of mindsets. One type of mindset is the “victim” mentality which is when you believe that everyone is against you. The victim mindset sees that others are the blame for why their life has not turned out the way they wished it would have been. Second the “wilderness” mindset is when you feel as if you are stuck in a position or place in life and that you can’t get out of. You feel as if you are not able to pull yourself out of a difficult situation and thus you choose to fortify a better future by not moving pass your past. Third a “mind of a champion” is when you believe that you can achieve all that is within your talent and abilities. You believe that you are capable of maximizing your potential and you are determined to do what it takes to achieve your deepest dream. You are not moved by doubt or fear but you focus on your opportunities and not your opposition. I suggest you obtain a “mind of a champion” and let nothing stand in your way.

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