“The Sabbath is Healthy Living

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.” Benjamin Franklin

 The life that we live is busy with a plethora of responsibilities. The multiplicity of responsibilities that pull us in different directions at times weighs on our physical, spiritual and emotional lives. If we continue to go and go every day without the taking time to slow down, it can take a toll on our health. Thus, I encourage you to take a Sabbath. According the biblical principle the Sabbath is a time of rest. A time to withdraw from labor such as all your responsibilities and things that keep you going. This principle of rest is imperative for your health.  Many misunderstand the Sabbath principle just because every night you go to bed and rise another morning you think you have rested. The Sabbath principle goes deeper it is taking time to slow down and refuel. Refuel is positioning your body, mind and spirit where you are not being pulled or giving of your time and effort to your responsibilities. The Sabbath is when you decide that for a day you’ll just spend time relaxing around your home. It’s when you go on long weekend trip and you actual just relax in a hotel, sleeping in late, taking a long walk and spending time reflecting. We are too busy doing life but life is really passing us by because we don’t take time to withdraw and enjoy the pleasures of life. Taking time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life so that we can continue to give to our family and friends. Many of us are stretched so thin and we don’t take time to bring it in just to relax and refuel. Why is the Sabbath principle imperative for our health because it allows us to refuel, recharge, recalibrate and reposition our lives so we can continue to live a life full of energy and enthusiasm. Therefore I encourage you to take time to have a Sabbath for health sake!!!

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