The Social Media Impact

by Dr. Regina Campbell

In today’s fast pace technologically world; technology has introduce speed and efficient into the market place. As you matriculate into your career you’ll need to have a presence on Social Media. One Social Media that is advantageous for your career is Linked In. Linked In serves as a means for you to connect with others where otherwise you may have not connected with that person. Here are some tips in the use of Linked In regarding your career.  Linked In is a professional networking tool to connect with other professionals. Linked In is not for the purpose of personal social media like Facebook. Linked In is for the purpose of career advancement, career brand and career advertisement. Many hiring managers like me use Linked In when researching candidate that are being considered for employment. It is imperative that you manage your Linked In site as a professional site. You should have your profile updated listing your various jobs and job titles, your education, professional organizations and the things you care about. If you chose to upload a photo it should be professional and not the same type of photo on a Facebook page. Your connections are important thus who you connect with has a lot of weight in your personal brand. I urge you to connect with those professionals that you are in the same arena or the arena you desire to break into. For example as a manager/leader I usually connect with others that are managers, directors, executive leaders and so forth. It’s imperative that I am connected with various leaders from various industries. Likewise I encourage you to do the same.

In addition your personal Facebook page is imperative as well. Unlike Linked In Facebook is more of a personal social media avenue. Your posting are related to your family and friends but it’s important to be careful with Facebook posting. Only post things that you inspiring, uplifting and family friendly and not controversial posting that could hurt your career in the long run. Please remember every posting and connection is imperative for you to consider when it comes to your career; you must ask yourself the question will this post hurt and derail my career. If the answer is yes then I suggest you not post or engage in dialogues on Facebook that will be detrimental to your career.

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