Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

by Dr. Regina Campbell

“Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle have always been very important to me.” Stacy Keibler
Tips for a healthy life style:
1. Eat plenty of greens vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, green beans, kale, spring mix, etc.)
2. Eat berries (strawberries, black berries, blue berries and raspberries)
3. Eat protein (poultry, fish, lean pork, beef, etc.)
4. Decrease Fried foods
5. Decrease your carbohydrate (breads, rice, potatoes, etc.)
6. Decrease your sugar intake – sugary drinks (tea, coke and juices); sweets (candy, cookies, cakes, etc.)
7. Decrease processed foods (anything in a box or bag such as crackers, cookies, popcorn, cereal, etc.)
8. Increase your water intake

If you notice the decrease list I didn’t say eliminate but decrease as I’ve learned that many over eat in these areas and do not eat enough of nutrients foods such as green vegetables). The key is exercising self-control and discipline in your eating choices and how much you eat. The key to a healthy life style is not only what and how much you eat.

Additional tips for a healthy life style:
1. Get rest
2. Have healthy relationships
3. Laugh often
4. Exercise your mind – read a variety of subjects
5. Help others through community service
8. Don’t “major” in minor issues, learn not to sweat the small things
9. Don’t worry, trust God!

Life is too short not to enjoy it so live, laugh and love!

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