Your Personal Brand

by Dr. Regina Campbell

brand“Your personal brand paints a picture of the attributes you possess” Dr. Regina Campbell

As you mature and develop in your career you must realize that you have a personal brand. A personal brand is knowing who you are and what you stand for. Your personal brand is the inner core of your work ethics. It is the “one” adjective people use when describing you on your job; words such as he or she is: great, relentless, unstoppable, dependable, helpful, insightful, determined, teachable, and the list goes on. Your personal brand is about who you are as an employee and what you bring to the company. Also, there are times when you have to reinvent your brand. For example as a leader years ago I was known as being inflexible and rigid but over time I reinvent my personal brand to flexible and supportive. Therefore you can reinvent your brand especially when you must adapt. Another important aspect of personal brand is creating your personal brand statement. Read the article below on creating your personal brand.

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