“A Total You” aims to provide you with strategies to employ that will position you to experience a well-balanced life.

A well-balanced life is to live a life where you are truly maximizing your potential in every area of your life. Many people experience success in certain areas in their life. For example a person could truly reach their highest potential in their career or profession but still struggle in their inner spirit or with their health and wellness. On the other hand many people reach the pinnacle of their health and wellness but struggle with low self-esteem. It is true that you can maximize your potential in your mind, body and spirit in which a total you is well-balanced.

In addition a well-balanced life is the ability to not overcompensate in one area of your life to which you do not take the time to nurture and give attention to other aspects of your life. A well-balanced life is to live a life that keep all things in perspective, making certain you do not overcompensate in an area to fill a void in another area of your life.

Many people in today’s workplace focus their efforts on becoming successful in their career, but they neglect other important aspects of their life; aspects such as fueling their intellect with stimulating readings, eating healthy meals, exercising, relationships, and spiritual formation, so they become out of balance in their treatment and care of themselves. The purpose of “A Total You” is to inform you that every aspect of you has equal weight and value in the totality of your life.

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